Imerovigli, the balcony to the Aegean

The village of Imerovigli, also known as ‘The balcony to the Aegean’, is built on the highest point of the caldera cliffs, offering stunning views to the Volcano, the majestic caldera and the dazzling world-famous sunset. Its name derives from the words day (‘imera’) and observatory (‘vigla’), as it was used as a point of observation of the sea and the caldera. The village is ideal for evening strolls in its streets and offers a variety of cozy restaurants for all tastes. Following caldera’s pathway visitor may explore Skaros Rock, where ruins of the Skaros fortress built during the 13th century that used to provide security from pirates, lies offering striking vistas. Firostefani village is only 1 km away while Fira capital is 2 km away and the pathway that leads to them will fascinate those who will have the chance to explore the Caldera’s Cliffside!